The earliest years of life are when the vast majority of a child’s brain development occurs, and when the foundation is laid for lifelong social, emotional & cognitive skills. State investments in access to quality can make a difference now and in the future. #mnleg #GreatStartMN Retweeted by Start Early Funders

Yes @kare11 & @MnChildCareAssn!! We too think this is an exciting year for child care and early learning!! #letsgo #mnleg #GreatStartMN…

Brian Kao testifying "Currently, full-time care for my daughter is $295 per week. That’s about $15,000 per year. For comparison, tuition at the University of Minnesota is about $16,000 per year." Retweeted by Start Early Funders

The #GreatStartMN dependent care tax credit (HF9) will provide critical relief to families trying to make ends meet and cover the cost of child care and early learning. Thank you @carlieforhouse and @davepinto for your leadership! #mnleg