The Start Early Funders Coalition will lead the 2023 legislative session with a racial equity lens on all public policies. We prioritize policies that will benefit low-income children, rural children and families as well as Black, Indigenous and children of color and their families; and the programs that serve them.

Community Wellness & Mental Health Supports

  • Support the mental wellbeing of children, families and early care and education professionals with early childhood mental health consultation, increased resources for community mental health services and sustainable investment in the Community Solutions Fund.
  • Increase funding for access to targeted home visiting programs.

Early Care & Education Professionals and the Workforce

  • Support policies that improve recruiting and retaining early care and education professionals through improved compensation, benefits, professional development resources and other long-term solutions to support compensation and retention practices.
  • Increase support and resources for Family, Friend and Neighbor Care (FFN) through professional development opportunities and access to other supports.

Comprehensive Package to Increase Access to Early Care and Education

  • Provide consistent and dedicated funds to support a robust early childhood system that gives children and families access to a continuum of high-quality early care and education programs. A broad range of program types supported by a dedicated revenue stream is essential to support an economically viable early childhood ecosystem.

Family Finance & State Innovation

  • Infrastructure investment
  • Innovative business solutions
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave